Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Types of Guys

I think every girl is naturally attracted to a certain "type" of guy. But being open-minded is always good. Dating outside your usual type is like trying out a new style of clothing, you put it on for a bit, see how it makes you feel. These are the types of guys I've sampled:

The alternative musician...he used play guitar for me and sing. When he moved away to Boston, he made me a goodbye videotape (old school VHS style) of himself playing our favorite songs. Actually another guy I dated was the lead singer in a band. I didn't have the heart to tell him I thought his singing voice sounded nasally.

The athlete...my college boyfriend played rugby and was a wrestler. Not the smartest cookie in the jar but he was a sweet, sensitive guy so not a completely stereotypical jock. He also counts as: The military guy 

The free spirit...after I moved home from Chicago post-college, I started dating an old high school classmate. We couldn't have been more different. I was entirely focused on starting a career, he earned cash by painting people's house numbers on their curb and spent his days painting and reading. 

The older man...already talked about him.

The sports junkie...I had a boyfriend who put the FAN in fanatic. He was obsessed with all sports. The TV was always tuned to Cold Pizza in the mornings. He woke up in the middle of the night to watch Tour de France. He had 2 fantasy football teams. When his college football team lost, he would mope around the apartment for a week. 

The foreigner...Scottish Guy – he's a topic for another time.

The youngster...when I was 31, I went on a couple dates with a boy 10 years younger. He was a bartender/waiter at the steak house a couple doors down from my apartment. He talked a lot about how much he loved getting wasted.

The male cheerleader...hey, it was college. His party trick was lifting girls above his head with one arm. His forearms were like hams. He told me once that he had to get his college roommate to fold his shirt collars down for him when he got dressed because his large forearms meant he couldn't bend his arms enough to reach behind his neck.

The coworker...happened twice. First time ended smoothly when the guy moved out of state. The second time exploded in my face spectacularly. Never again.

The friend turned love interest...I discovered first hand that sex does indeed ruin a friendship.

The alcoholic...his drinking problem revealed itself slowly. Everyone is capable of drinking too much on occasion. But string too many of those occasions together in a severely consistent manner and you've got an alcoholic on your hands. The depth of his alcoholism didn't fully come to light until after we broke up. I was cleaning my kitchen one day when I found what used to be a full bottle of rum now empty in the cabinet. It was half full when I'd pulled it out to make a rum cake a few months prior. He was clearly sneaking swigs while I wasn't looking. 

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